Trimeteor Oil and Gas Company delivers an economical, efficient solution for the recovery of heavy and conventional oil using an environmentally responsible process. Our patented and proprietary superheated dry inert gas technology is one of the most unique, “game-changing” innovations in the areas of enhanced oil recovery and the extraction of heavy oil.



Trimeteor Oil and Gas Company is the de-facto standard for heavy oil extraction. Our patented Quad-S technology is low cost, efficient, and easily deployed across the world.


Trimeteor Systems

Our Superheated Steam Supply System (Quad-S) generates high temperature, high quality, low pressure steam with a delivery system superior to any existing EOR Process.



Primarily developed to extract heavy oil, Trimeteor’s Quad-S system has been proven to extend the production life of existing wells that have been found suitable for steam injection.



Would you like to know more about Trimeteor? Our Officers and Directors are available to answer any questions you might have about our business and the Quad-S.